Cinnamon Swirl French Toast Recipe

This cinnamon swirl french toast recipe is perfect for anyone who loves a sweet, decadent breakfast. And the best part is, it’s done in under 10 minutes with only a handful of ingredients.

What is French Toast?

French toast is made by dipping thick sliced bread into a mixture of beaten eggs and milk, and then frying it in butter until golden brown. It’s a great way to use up stale bread and make it taste like fresh again. Homemade french toast is a great recipe for sunday brunch or holiday breakfast and can be served sweet or savory. It's delicious with maple syrup and fresh berries.


Brioche - das Brot sollte für French Toast in dicke Scheiben geschnitten werden. Am besten funktioniert weiches, süßliches Hefebrot (z.B. Brioche). Eier - medium size. – Milch oder Sahne - for the egg mixture. – Zucker - you can use regular sugar or brown sugar. – Vanilleextrakt - optional, for flavoring the egg mixture. – Gemahlener Zimt - to add another  flavor to the egg mixture. – Butter – zum Anbraten der Brotscheiben. Toppings – je nach Belieben mit frischen Beeren, Kompott, Ahornsirup oder anderen Toppings nach Wahl servieren.

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