Rich and Buttery Sourdough Brioche Recipe

Learn how to make sourdough brioche. It's a decadent, enriched French bread. Brioche is known for its soft, tender crumb and slightly sweet, buttery flavor. 

What you'll need 

- Sourdough starter - Flour - Eggs - Milk - Butter - Sugar  - Salt

- Digital kitchen scale - Loaf pan - Parchment paper - Bench scraper - Stand mixer with paddle attachment and dough hook - Pastry brush

Why you'll love this recipe

The high amount of butter and eggs in this recipe results in a melt-in-your-mouth texture and a soft, almost cake-like interior with a beautiful golden hue. Brioche is delicious on its own and perfect for a sweet breakfast with butter and jam. It's also ideal for making French toast. 

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