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Hi, I’m Julia!

Pasta maker, sourdough baker, Recipe developer and Content creator

If you are reading my blog, you are probably a pasta lover and sourdough enthusiast, just like me. Welcome! I’m happy you are here.

I love sharing recipes for homemade pasta and naturally leavened bread because I’m amazed by how many delicious food creations can be crafted from the humble foundation of flour, water, and eggs. 

Most of the recipes you’ll find here require a bit more time and patience, but don’t be intimidated by a longer process. Enjoy the satisfaction of creating something from scratch and seeing it come to life. The extra effort will be rewarded with delicious results and a fulfilling experience. 

I have a background in digital marketing, but after working in agencies, I quickly realized that the corporate world wasn’t a good fit for me. What lights me up instead is making food and sharing it with others. During my studies, I had the wonderful opportunity to work as a chef on sailing yachts in the Mediterranean. Many of my recipes are inspired by my travels and the Mediterranean cuisine, focusing on simple ingredients, aromatic flavors, and culinary traditions. After graduating and working in marketing, I wanted to return to my passion for food and cooking. Fueled by my curiosity in the kitchen and the desire to share my creations with like-minded people, I started my blog and quit my office job to pursue my dream of recipe development and content creation.

I hope to inspire you to try new recipes! If you have any questions about a recipe, please reach out to me in the comments. I’m happy to help.

From my kitchen to yours,

“It’s Not Just Food. It’s more than a necessity. It’s feel-good moments around the dining table. It’s holiday memories. It’s childhood favorites and family traditions.”